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7 natural nutrients for kidney stones treatment

The kidneys can not ignore the importance of human life, it plays an important role in the human body’s body and the balance of salt, but many diseases can lead to their imbalance. One of the kidney diseases also has to be spacious.

Patient is not treated in kidney disease and is also very painful for the patient. Anyone in the kidney stones may cause any disease, obesity, calcium or frozen food, other foods, including diet, diabetes.

That is why today we are going to tell you some of the natural foods for the treatment of kidney stones, which can be very beneficial for you.


Drinking it from the pomegranate grants, it removes other harmful items present in the kidneys, excluding your body.

Almond juice and olive oil

Drinking four spoon olive oil and one quarter of the lime juice of water can be treated daily due to the kidney disease.

* Natal T (a herb)

For treatment of kidney stones, take two spoon leaves of hot water into hot water, and after heating it for 15 to 20 minutes, drink two kits and keep doing the procedure for just a few weeks.

Fruit sweet juice fruit

Sour sweet juicy fruit such as orange, bananas, grapes and tomatoes, help in your kidney solution, break the calcium.

Wheat seeds

Take two cups of water and put it in a sauce pan, after that, put a spoon of wheat seeds and keep it warm, when it gets cold, shake the mixture. You must have this mixture once a day.

*Baking Soda

Drink a spoon baking soda in water. With the help of drinking it, the stones present in your kidney will be removed from the urine and will end up with you.

Syrup of apple

In the case of kidney stones, mix apple seeds and honey with two and one proportion, and drink hot water twice a day with hot water.