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7 habitat loss

Health care is to take care of yourself to keep healthy and tired. Avoid such things and habits that affect our health. That’s why we tell you about the habits found in the people, whom we should get rid of immediately.

Sunglasses to choose a spoon

Sunglasses are always darker. The eye is spread inside them. Thus, the ability to absorb harmful fields increases. Branded springs are always sold expensive. Most people prefer to buy cheap springs for fear of breaking of the springs. But doing so is wrong because cheap springs are made of bad type of plastic. They do not stop the sunglasses and harm the eye. As a result, may be visible, obesity and eye cancer. The better is to use spirits made of high quality material.

Sitting leg on the leg

Many people place a leg on the leg to feel relaxed while sitting on the chair or sofa. By doing so, veins in this place, and during which blood may be affected. The long-term veins of the body hear the part of the body. It can also affect nervousness.

Eating at the office

During the work to save time, eating food sitting at that place can harm the health. Germs can be invaded early in the office environment. The food made for food is the best environment for food.

Feeding birds

Usually people are fascinated to feed the birds with their hands. Feeding the birds itself is not a bad thing. Pigeons and other birds’ claws have germs spread allergies and infections. Which can affect our health. So let them take care when they are strangers not to touch them.

Pop woven corn in microwave oven

By the way, any food that is hot in the microwave is not good for health. The instant-pop pop corners are also vulnerable to health. The chemical called ‘Dye Seattle’ in plastic plastic is added to the hot air. And damages on the body with breath. So let the pop corners go and let the steam go out before eating.

Use of open shoe

Use of open shoe to go out can worsen the feet. An open germ is rapidly attacked. In this way, infections and flaws can also occur on Monday. Open-feet are injured soon and germs and diseases include bleeding.

Drink excessive water

It needs to be the right amount of water for the health of the body. But it is not right to fill your body with excessive water. For those who have heart disease and kidney problems.