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7 easy ways to lose weight in Ramadan

In Ramadan, the weight of people increases and its main reason is that people tend to eat more than usual in Ramadan, which causes weight loss.

Also, the use of fried things in Ramadan increases, and people also eat fried things. Whether there is a swelling or a spoon prefer some people to eat fried things.

But if you follow these methods in Ramadan and eat the same calculation, you can reduce the weight, some of the tested ways to reduce weight are as follows.

* Make some portions of food in the sauna and do not eat anything except those parts, try to eat food portions smaller, do not be too large.

* Try to drink as much water as possible in winter and fasting.

* If you exercise during the normal days, continue the conservation in Ramadan. If you can not exercise, then follow the fast.

* Once a week of Ramadan, you can eat your choice of food.

* Try to maximize fresh fruit and avoid letting juice because excess juice in juice causes you to grow.

* Always cook the food properly.

* Avoid eating carbohydrate and starch foods in Aftari such as double bread, pasta and rice etc.