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600 nails have been cured by youngest stomach surgery

More than 600 nutrients of young stomach were removed from a clinical medical college and hospital on Monday.

According to the report, the families of young people say that patients are mentally unstable and due to the lasting stomach last year, they were transferred to the hospital.

The patient in the hospital says, ‘The young man is not in his senses and he swallows odd things around him.’ But we did not think it would get so nourished from the stomach.

While the doctor claims the operation has been successful and the patient is now in need.

Survatar Biswas, Head of the Surgeon and Medical Team head, said that the patient’s nail in the patient has not hurt the body due to which patients are now out of danger.

The doctor said that the operation was dangerous because the patient’s stomach was full of nail, due to which the stomach was very large.

“To get nail nutrition, we first had to cut the stomach stomach first and then it was nailed through magnesium.” Approximately 600 iron nails were removed from the stomach, due to which the patient who had been diagnosed with nails was’